Chef Remaja 2012

TAHNIAH! SMK BENUT, PONTIAN, JOHOR telah memenangi tempat ke-3 dalam Pertandingan Memasak Chef Remaja 2012

Tarikh: 19 hingga 22 Oktober 2012

Tempat: Merdeka Palace, Kuching, Sarawak

Kategori: Mewakili Negeri Johor dalam Pertandingan Memasak Chef Remaja 2012!

Why visual thinking?

Visual Thinking uses colourful and stimulating visual aids to keep ideas easy to see and track at all times. Individual ideas are summarised and written onto icons, transforming them into idea-icons. Ideas captured in a form can be easily moved around and related to other ideas, altered  and developed into patterns that reflect our thinking. This process provides the flexibility to explore ideas creatively, make new connections and work with a far greater range of material in depth without losing sense of the whole or our direction.